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The capital of the republic of Benin is located 13 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean and about thirty kilometers from Cotonou, the main city of the country. Porto Novo, alias Hôgbonou, alias Adjatchê has a population of about 230000 people. 

In 1730 the portuguese Eucharistus de Campos baptized the city " Puerto - Nuevo " because of its resemblance to the Portuguese city of Port. The founder of the kingdom, prince Adja TÊ-AGBALIN called it " Hôgbonou " (the entrance of the big house) whereas Yorubas gave to the city " Adjatchè's " name (conquered by Adja).


 The Republic of Benin, which was  called  Dahomey until November 30, 1975, is a country of west Africa located in the intertropical zone (between equator and the Tropic of Cancer).

With a surface of 112680 km ², BENIN has a population about 6 millions people who live essentially in the rural area. The country  spreads from the Atlantic Ocean to the Niger river covering  700 km. The width varies from 125 km along the coast to 325 km in the North. The capital of the country is PORTO NOVO, and the most urbanized big city is Cotonou. The official language is French. The most spoken national languages are: the fon, the yorouba, the bariba the goun and the adja.  

The currency  is the CFA franc (100 FCFA = Euros 0.153 ; $0.18) Benin is divided into twelve  Lands such as : Atacora and Bourgou in the North, the Zou in the centre and  the Atlantic, the Mono and the Ouémé in the South... On the political level,  Benin is a republic (presidential regime). Several political parties exist since the adoption in 1990 of a new constitution. The president  is Yayi Thomas BONI elected in March  2006 for a 5-year term.